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  • Telefon: Ukendt
  • Web: Ukendt
  • Adresse: Engholm Alle 22, 2650 Hvidovre
  • Stiftet: 11. okt 2013
  • CVR: 35095896
  • Type: Enkeltmandsvirksomhed
  • Antal ansatte: 1
  • Reklamebeskyttelse

Bedømmelser fra kunder

I DO NOT recommend to anyone!

  • 21-08-2020 af Barbara

I have hired MTL Enterprise to do a big renovation in May 2020 at a house I have just bought. They were EXTREMELY amateur and unprofessional. All the VVS work was done wrong at first, so I've experienced leaking at the bathroom and at the laundry room. Also, I am still in doubt it the heating floor system works properly. Adding to it, regarding the bathroom, the floor doesn't have inclination to lead the water to the drain and the glass wall with sliding door was installed wrongly. The metal profiles are not connect to both walls, what leaves the door "hanging", completely not stable. When I questioned the person in charge from the outsourced company which MTL Enterprise has hired, this person said that they cannot adjust it and that I should have bought another model, simpler. Later, Mike, the in charge of MTL Enterprise even wanted to charge me 5.000 kr. more, because it took the outsourcing company much longer to do the job. Unfortunately, for non-experts on the subject, we can only see the results after things are already done. So we've extended the project, hiring MTL Enterprise to make also a second bathroom before we saw the result of the first services we hired. But the worst part was still to come. We had already paid 2 out of 3 instalments agreed when suddenly Mike has decided to abandon us on the middle of the work of our second bathroom and didn't tell us. We've got to know it through another professional we've hired to do mason's services, which we've decided not to do with the person he used on the previous project. He said that the value we have already paid covers what he has done and we should find someone else to fix most of the things he has done and finish service.

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